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 "The professional world is a vast sea of possibilities, here we will prepare individuals to DIVE into it."

The DIVE Foundation is based upon various morals and goals that cater to youthful individuals whom are willing to engage in future planning and knowledge gaining experiences. These experiences will prove beneficial to them later on when they peruse their desired career paths. We aim to give our youthful participants an insight on the corporate world while encouraging them to challenge themselves and each other. Throughout this program we assess and enhance vital life skills and qualities. The DIVE Foundation is a true testament to the power of youth and how heavily involved they are in the future of our world. 

DIVE Junior Analysts

  • Junior analysts will be given the full professional experiece.

  • Taught how to manage short term, long term, and life goals

  • They will be taught budgeting and differentiating between needs and wants

  • Taught how to display professionalism by educating junior analysts on proper professional etiquette.

  • Hands on experience in government workplaces such Mark Center, Pentagon, and Fort Meade.

DIVE Apprentices

  • The Apprentice group is dedicated to reaching out to youth who have a vision of working in a professional setting

  • Will consist of a younger age group compared to the Jr. Analysts

  • Caters to teens and young adults in the DC metropolitan area

  • DIVE will specifically reach out to schools and community centers

  • DIVE will conduct interactive workshops; giving them a small taste of the professional world


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