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Internship Program Features


We feel that it is important for each of our interns to receive a professional and applicable experience from our program. We have designed the internship to cater to their individual strengths and majors.



For aspiring engineers, the DIVE program offers a diverse and challenging curriculum during the duration of the program. Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers will get the exciting opportunity to work with someone engaged in their respective career field. Those interested in Computer Science will have the opportunity to build, edit and manage websites in addition to consulting on software development projects.



A DIVE program intern pursuing a degree in the Humanities will have the chance to explore their interest throughout the duration of the program. In addition, various opportunities exist for those pursuing a degree in majors such as Government, Politics, Criminal Justice and English. These interns will get the opportunity to shadow lawyers and law-enforcement officers, getting access to rare and valuable knowledge and experience.



DIVE Foundation offers programs for students interested in pursuing careers in scientific studies. This portion of the program is fairly new and is still developing to cater to the broad spectrum of sciences. Exciting programs and opportunities are still in development but those interested in pursuing a career in the realm of Physical or Sports Science will have the opportunity to work with an established physical therapist, among other activities.



Undergraduates interested in pursuing business as a career have an opportunity to truly get an understanding of how a corporate entity operates. Those interested in pursuing Marketing, Accounting, Consulting or Management will be able to shadow and work alongside those who have had experience in or are currently working in their career field of interest.


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